About PurpleRoof

Inside Purple Roof

Purple Roof delivers exceptional real estate services worldwide with a focus on transparency, innovation, and professionalism. Trust us for all your buying, selling, and mortgage needs.

Property Solutions

When you want to advertise your property efficiently and professionally, without a lot of unnecessary and expensive fees, turn to Purple Roof.

Created for the people, Purple Roof makes real estate easy, and places the control back into your hands. Simply fill in the form online, and one of our friendly and helpful team will work with you to advertise your property, with beautiful results!

Keep more of your money in your pocket, with Purple Roof property services.

Home Loan Made Easy

Purple Roof also specializes in efficient home loan processing. Our team of expert mortgage advisors and brokers will guide you through the loan application process, helping you find the best rates and terms that fit your financial goals.

Even if you have a difficult case, contact us for your best chance. Our experienced brokers have extensive contacts and knowledge, and will do their best to get your mortgage processed properly, so you can start enjoying your life. 

Company Introduction

Purple Roof comprises a group of elite companies providing superb, efficient solutions for Search Portal, Real Estate and Home Loans, among other high quality services.


Our vision is to achieve high standards, making dreams come true, and establishing our companies as the premium choice in UAE and beyond.


  • Purple Roof’s high performance and personalized care garners an international reputation for excellence.
  • Transparent Real Estate Deals
  • Best Choice for bank rates and charges

Portal Services

Our efficient search portal helps people find the perfect property, for seamless customer happiness.

Our wide range of properties from primary and secondary markets is constantly updated with the latest listings, ensuring access to the most current, authentic availability. Filter search criteria to find exactly what you seek quickly and easily, whether properties or tools & trends.

Benefits for Property Owners

  • Free listing of property
  • Every property must be verified with our team
  • No multiple listing for one property
  • No junk/ sales calls for property owners as our team can handle calls on behalf of Property owners

Benefits for Property Buyers

  • Find the best bank for mortgage and get free pre-approval*
  • Access to all available property listings
  • Search based on Completed and Off Plan properties
  • Search Based on developments
  • Our specialized services based on customized requirements

Mortgage Services

Purple Roof is officially tie up with Fin Experts Commercial Brokers for any kind of Mortgage related services. We assist to provide mortgage services for international and local clients to buy properties in UAE

Our Services:

  • Mortgage to buy property from Primary Market
  • Mortgage to buy property from Secondary Market
  • Cash against your existing property
  • Interest rate reduction on your existing mortgage
  • Developer handover payment
  • Off Plan / Under construction payments to developer / contractor

Our Benefits:

  • Best Rates offering bank
  • Personalized assistance
  • Very fast and quick process
  • professional team with the skills of problem solving

Research & Consultancy

We have our finger on the pulse in every single location.

• experience and expertise
data-backed investment decisions
• maximum returns

• Investment consultancy
• Portfolio Evaluation

• Industry Trends & Developments
• Market Research Studies & Audits


Real Estate Services

Purple Roof Real Estate focus is to provide very transparent solutions for its customers. We are focusing on innovative sales, marketing, and leasing strategies. We take a dynamic approach to provide the best properties based on our customers requirements and budget. 

Our Real Estate Services

  • Real Estate Consultancy
  • Buyer/Tenant Services
  • Seller/Owner Services
  • Research & Consultancy: Purple Roof has the expertise to make data-based investment decisions to maximize the returns for our customer.
  • Final Handover Inspections: Our focus is to ensure our clients receive the best quality asset regardless of their budget. Our team have depth expertise for final handover inspection services for any type of property to ensure assets quality and value of money.